The Moonshiner's Ball, Day One, In All Its Glory. A Truly Kentucky Tradition.


via Capture Kentucky

Our last band of the day was The Marcus King Band. If you’re unaware of young Marcus, I am so happy to be the one to introduce you to his music. At the staggeringly young age of 20 years old, this young man has already begun carving out his niche in today’s musical landscape. His style is blues rock, infused with soul and delivered with heart. Marcus can be described as the heir to the throne when it comes to jam bands. Mentored and inspired by the great Warren Haynes, Marcus and his flat-out amazing band are 100% the real deal. I’ve witnessed well over 1,000 bands in my time on this earth, but never one that possesses the sheer power that The Marcus King Band holds. Believe me when I say this, if you enjoy the blues, make it your life’s mission to see this band on stage. In 30 years, you can tell everyone that you saw the beginnings of what will then be a legendary career. It may seem like I’m pushing an inflated description of this young band, but if you witness them live, I can guarantee you will absolutely agree. Prove me wrong, I dare ya.