The Birth Of A New Blues Legend

via Chattanooga Pulse

Come witness the birth of a new blues legend

Chattanooga is no stranger to hosting musical royalty and this time around a new king will grace our hallowed realm. The Marcus King Band will be live this Friday to pull at your steel heart strings and give you a sweet taste of that Southern Bluesy Soul. 20-year-old Marcus King leads his blues band with all the fire and heart of a late, great Blues legend.

Hailing from Greenville, NC, Marcus’ teen years were spent playing blues shows with his father, Blues musician Marvin King, until venturing forth with his own group of amazing performers.

The Marcus King Band’s debut album Soul Insight released in 2015 to critical success, putting the group in high demand for live shows worldwide.

Marcus King’s music carries an intensity that can put an icy chill down the spine and bring a subtle tear to the eye. Being supported by a group of super talented musicians will cultivate a new love for Southern Blues and Rock for every generation both young and old. 

Come on out and get the Blues with a new Blues king this Friday night at the Revelry Room. Tickets are $10, 18 and over show.