Ten Best Jazz/Funk/Jam Rock Albums of 2015 by Lea LeFebvre

The Marcus King Band - Soul Insight

While 19-year-old guitar virtuoso, Marcus King, has already made a name for himself on the Southern rock circuit, the band’s first album, Soul Insight, solidifies King’s future as a fixture on a national level. The Greenville native has been touted as a natural successor to the likes of Derek Trucks and Jimi Hendrix and it’s easy to see why. The band’s blues-drenched rock is driven by King’s multilateral guitar work and raspy, soulful voice. The instrumental track “Fraudulent Waffle” showcases superior slide guitar work with the majesty and poise of the master himself, Derek Trucks. “Always” puts King’s complex compositional guitar riffs at the forefront with the precision and dexterity of Jimi Hendrix. So, just how good is Marcus King and Soul Insight? Good enough that Warren Haynes picked up the album for his Evil Teen label and has already committed to producing its follow-up. If this is the first you’ve heard of this music phenom, take note. Marcus King is destined for stardom.

Favorite Tracks: “I Won’t Be Here,” “Honey,” and “Opie”

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