Soul Insight Is Being Re-Issued!

Hey fam,

Welcome to the first MKB newsletter. I have wanted to send this for some time now, but decided to wait until today so that I can share some exciting news with you all. As many of you have noticed, my debut album Soul Insight disappeared online several weeks ago. Well, it is with great enthusiasm that we announce the official re-release of the record October 30th on Warren Haynes' Evil Teen Records!

This is a big day for MKB and I'm happy you are all here to share it with us. As part of this re-issue we are offering a pre-order through PledgeMusic where you can not only download the album or pick up a CD, but you can also get the record on vinyl, or have it signed, or have the band over to shoot a front porch session on your stoop! 

Well, enough of the boring details. Check it out for yourself!