Music Farm Show Preview


via Charleston City Paper

Think about all of the times you saw Stevie Ray Vaughan playing a transcendent, mind-boggling solo; he almost always had his eyes closed, staring skyward, simply letting the genius flow through his fingers. It's hard not to think about those moments when you watch Greenville's 21-year-old phenom Marcus King play guitar. He's an absolute master of tone, control, and speed, bringing to mind Warren Haynes, Eric Clapton, and Vaughan, sometimes within the same solo. He's also got the voice of a soul singer three decades older, and the Marcus King Band (MKB) is one of the most talented, versatile bands in the business. A six-piece, old-school R&B revue-style band, complete with miles-deep Hammond B-3 organ and a sizzling horn section, King's is a truly smokin' unit. If you need proof, just check out their new self-titled album with lean-and-mean production by Haynes himself and a set of songs that ranges from roadhouse rock to psychedelic exploration. The MKB is, as Vaughan himself might have said, the real deal. —Vincent Harris FRIDAY