Meet A Father And Son That Are Kings Of Rockin' It

Each episode is different. You will learn things and it will be fun.  They are all waiting for you on-demand right now. Stories Of The Upstate™ is our chance to share with you some of the most interesting people in Upstate South Carolina and their passions and wisdom. 

It’s rare that we launch a DOUBLE EPISODE.

We’ve never done it with a music episode – until now.  These guys are both guitar slingers.  Players.  Fingers and lightning. 

They are music.  And family.

Marvin & Marcus King are our guests and they share their different and similar perspectives in separate episodes launched on the same day.  Today. 

Hear Marvin share his past, his family, his story and his words of wisdom and listen to Marcus do the same right now on this episode of Stories Of The Upstate™.

Spend a few minutes in the world of music by clicking below because he’s our guest right now on Stories Of The Upstate™.  We recommend listening to them back to back or we wouldn’t produce them as a DOUBLE EPISODE!  It’s worth the full listen!

Marvin - Listen

Marcus - Listen