Infectious love of music spreads at Tuscaloosa Amp


If you like to stare at pretty guitars, you probably nestled into a seat at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater last weekend to salivate over the SGs and Telecasters and marvel at what people like Derek Trucks, Marcus King and the Drive-By Truckers could do with them.

Not to slip into the trap of using cliched guitar verbs like shred, wail or face-melt, but the sounds whirling through that venue cut so deep at times, it's hard to express it otherwise. It just hits on a gut level, and all anyone wants to do is close their eyes and dance along. That said, the talent and musicianship of everyone who touched the stage is certainly beyond my own comprehension, starting with the youngin from South Carolina.

On a pleasant but oh-so-muggy night in T-town, Marcus King Band from Greenville kicked things off at 6:30 p.m. sharp, with the young lead vocalist and guitarist introducing the Druid City to a talent we'll surely hear more about sooner than later. Raspy-voiced and quite genial, King juggled singing and lead guitar duties without a lot of effort, eagerly moving from one solo to the next.

Keep an eye on this group on the festival circuit moving forward.

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