David Shaw's Big River Get Down

For the second year in a row, David Shaw is bringing the Big River Getdown to his beloved hometown of Hamilton, Ohio. The Revivalists' frontman will be hosting the musical event on Saturday, September 10 along the Great Miami River at the RiversEdge Amphitheater. With every detail hand-selected by the man himself, the one-day festival is sure to be something special.

With The Revivalists leading the show, Shaw will also be performing a solo acoustic set. Performances from longtime NOLA friend and Galactic collaborator Maggie Koerner, Nashville-based rockers The Wild Feathers, young blues and funk masters The Marcus King Band, British blues-rock band The Temperance Movement, and Richmond-based jammers The Trongone Band, will round out a day of music to satisfy the likes of every need. David Shaw almost always has something up his sleeve, so we can't wait to hear more about the special guest he has in store.

Bringing a music festival to Hamilton, Ohio might seem like an unlikely move for someone who lives in the city of sound, but the New Orleans local felt strongly about bringing the music to his hometown. "We had been coming and playing at the city's new outdoor amphitheater every year since it opened in 2013 and I saw that there was room for something more. Not just room for another concert but an event that the entire city could rally behind and feel good about. My friends, family, and fans always came out in droves and would ask me about this band and that band and if they would ever make a trip to little ol Hamilton, Oh. So I got to thinkin... (which is usually a bad idea) but this time it worked out. I asked friend and city official Adam Helms if the city would be into something like this and he said YES! So we got to work," Shaw told us.

Coming off a strong first year, he adds that this year will be much different from the inaugural event -- especially with this lineup, hand-selected by the man and for the people. "The Wild Feathers are a band that I'd been seeing here and there on the scene and really liked what they were bringing to the table so it's going to be a real treat to see them live. Furthermore, we are bringing back Hamilton favorite Maggie Koerner. I must've received at least 20 messages from people telling me to pleassssse bring Maggie back. We were happy to oblige. I'm also super stoked up about The Marcus King Band coming to town. That kid is going to be a star. He's a natural born killer with his axe in hand. It's going to be fun to watch him grow. Also this year we have a band from England called The Temperance Movement. They just straight up rock. There's really not much else to say about them," Shaw explains.

With food vendors, arts, crafts, and future plans to expand the park, David Shaw's Big River Getdown is certainly turning in the right direction.

"This event is extraordinarily special to me because I believe that music can be the foundation and catalyst for big change and growth. Not just for the city but for the people deep inside at their core. When others from around the tri-state area get wind of what we're doing here, they're going to take notice. A city like Hamilton has a rich history filled with a lot of interesting characters, twists, and turns. I believe that The Big River Getdown will serve as a turning point for the city in terms of togetherness, morale, and pride. I can't wait to see what the future holds for both the city of Hamilton and BRGD. We're in this as one, we're in this together," he concludes.

Pre-sale tickets go live tomorrow at 10AM EST, with general admission starting at $20 on June 10th. Prices increase at the gate for $25. More information can be found on the festival's website. Check out the announcement video and show poster below. Don't miss out!