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Matt G. Asks: Couldn't be happier to be around to listen to you guys!! Caught your show at the casbah last time you came to San Diego. Just awesome seeing you guys play in that small of a place!

There's a video of Until I'm Gone on YouTube from a radio show that puts a fat smile on my face every time I hear it. Steve's bass line on that song is excellent. I noticed you've been spilling some kinda-detailed beans on the chords for a couple of your songs. Marcus, you willing to give us some hints at what you're riffing around on that one? Can't see your fingerboard on the vid.

Hey man! Thanks for reaching out!  That tune is based around G minor. So I'm using mostly Dorian Mode (G minor Bb Major, Amaj) Chorus: (Cminor9, F13)

Avi M. Asks: Hey guys! I absolutely love the band and the music... you guys seriously groove and rock. Marcus, would you please be kind enough to enlighten me as to how you approach improvisation? Is there any particular scale or mode that you particularly rely upon?

Hey Avi! Depending on the tune I like to establish what all of the "rules" are for playing that mode, Dorian for example. I like to establish okay, here are the guide line, I try to dance around those lines and look at it more as a release of energy as oppose to a set of rules. Hope this helps! Take care -MK

Anthony M. Asks: Jack - fellow drummer here. Very impressed with your style and performance. For example, your drumming on Radio Soldier is no joke - nice work! Was just wondering where you studied drums, took lessons, self-taught, etc. Could listen to you guys all day - best band to come around in a long time. Looking forward to checking you out in NYC tonight.

I studied with Jeff Sipe for a short stint about two years ago. I'm a huge fan of Steve Gadd, Billy Cobham, Richie Hayward, Vinnie Colaiuta, Buddy Rich etc. and I love all things funky or jazzy. I was in my high school jazz band and had three teachers on and off from age 12 to 17. Mostly self taught otherwise. 


Tony R. Asks: Hey Marcus, Love the band and your albums. Hey, do you use strap locks, if so what type Dunlop, etc...?

Hey Tony! I do not use strap locks. I always use one Strap for a gig and I like to be able to get it off and on rather quickly, changing straps usually results in my hat getting knocked off haha. Thanks for listening -MK

Pete C. Asks: Hi Marcus-- Pete from Chicago here. You've had the chance to befriend and jam with many of your guitar playing heroes/influences, which must be very surreal sometimes. My question: If you could spend a day chilling and playing guitar with one guitarist that isn't living-- who would it be? 

PS- when can we expect the new record to come out? Can't wait!

Hey Pete! Duane Allman would be my answer ! Hoping for a late summer release !