5 of the Best Questions to Understand Marcus King

Garcia’s “Playing in the Band” is a chance to get up close and personal with our performers like never before. Come for the conversation, stay for the education, and leave with a message. We’ll see you at the show! The Marcus King Band plays Garcia’s on Friday, March 4.

1. Marcus, you say that you knew you were born to play the guitar since you were seven. Tell us about the first guitar you ever played.
Since I was able to walk I felt an attraction toward the guitar and music in general. The first guitar I had was a miniature Les Paul, which I still own. That guitar opened my mind to the idea that music was what my life would be based around.

2. “I Won’t Be Here” is the most listened to song on your album according to iTunes. It is a tale of heartbreak and moving on, and sung so passionately. What is the story behind the lyrics?
Initially titled “I’ll Be Right Here,” the song seemed too predictable to me. I spoke to a female singer/songwriter friend of mine and she suggested I re-write the lyrics to be about her. To tell a story to the one I once loved, about why I’ve moved on, and to speak of my current muse. I’m always thankful for that advice.

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