Marcus King Band Announce New Album, Gear Up For Annual Music Festival


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Two years ago, Marcus King was a 20-year-old kid with big dreams.

The young South Carolina guitar prodigy with a vintage sound came to Greeneville in August 2016, where he performed a show with his band at the Capitol Theatre.

At the time, King and his band were getting ready to release their debut, self-titled album, which had been produced by renown musician Warren Haynes, of Govt. Mule.

In addition, the band was gearing up for a trip to Europe for shows in London and Paris.

“We’re doing the best we can — and we’re having a good time,” King said at that time.

Fast forward to 2018.

The Marcus King Band has made a mark in the world of music. In fact, King, at only 22 years of age, has been touted as “music’s next great guitarist” by the Washington Post.

This weekend, MKB are among the headlining acts at Bristol’s Rhythm & Roots Reunion. Next month, they will be hosting their own music festival at Pisgah Brewing Company in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

The event, set for Oct. 5-6, will be the second year that King has hosted the event, known as The MKB Family Reunion.

In addition to two sets by MKB, this year’s reunion will feature performances by Chuck Leavell & Friends, Billy Strings, Dumpstaphunk and the Devon Allman Program, featuring Duane Betts.

Other musicians on tap for the festival are: Nikki Lane, Carl Broemel, Naughty Professor, Dynamo, Geoff Achison, DeRobert & The Half Truths, Shady Recruits, Steelism, the Travers Brothership, and April B & The Cool.

The entire lineup was hand-picked by King.

In addition to the Reunion, King and his band are also getting ready to release a new album, entitled “Carolina Confessions,” on Oct. 5.

The Fantasy Records album was produced and mixed by Grammy Award-winner Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell) and recorded at Nashville’s iconic RCA Studio A.

The new album showcases the band’s “trademark musicianship buoyed by a new narrative depth, as Marcus delves into heavy themes: absolution, guilt, leaving home, yearning, love and other affairs of the soul,” a news release about the album says.

Two new tracks from the album, entitled “Homesick” and “Welcome ‘Round Here,” have been shared via NPR Music for fans to check out prior to the album release. Pre-orders for the album are can be made via the band’s website at

Marcus King Band Details Romance on the Road With 'Where I'm Headed': Premiere


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Marcus King has well established himself as a six-string hotshot with his two previous albums and hundreds of incendiary live performances. But he wants the Marcus King Band's upcoming Carolina Confessions, whose "Where I'm Headed" premieres exclusively below, to showcase another aspect of his creativity.

"I wanted this record to focus a little bit more on songwriting and the structure of the tune itself," King, who recorded the album with Dave Cobb in Nashville, tells Billboard. That led to a loose concept for the 10-song set, which King describes as "the confessional side of things. Music, for me, is a way to say what’s on my mind and kind of a way to explain that -- just like true confession, if you feel guilty and want to get some things off your chest. That's how writing is and making music is for me."

And while much of the album is "from the perspective of a relationship that's not worked out," "Where I'm Headed" has a more upbeat tone. "I wrote that about a very special lady," who's still in the picture, says King, who crafted the track from a hook he's been sitting on for awhile. "It's just about always being on the road and not really knowing where you're going next. A lot of times people ask where we're going and I don't really remember without looking at the tour book. So I'm saying to her that I don't know where I'm headed, but I know you'll be there."

King -- who wrote much of Carolina Confessions' material in France during his last European tour -- found both working with Cobb and recording in RCA's iconic Studio A to be inspiring. "That studio had some really friendly ghosts in there. You can really feel that energy," King says. Cobb, meanwhile, distinguished himself by playing along on acoustic guitar while King and his band were tracking the songs. "I'd overdub an acoustic part, or wouldn't if it didn't need it, but just having him in there rather than hearing it through the glass in the control room with us was really cool," King says. "It just added to the vibe we had going."

And fans can rest assured that while King may have been focusing on songwriting, there are still plenty of stinging guitar solos throughout the album, particularly on longer workouts such as "Homesick," "How Long" (co-written with Dan Auerbach and Pat McLaughlin), and the title track. "I still wanted there to be that aspect of it," King explains. "That's kind of hand and hand for me as far as expressing myself. Playing is another way for me to get things out there that I'm feeling. We didn't want it to be necessarily a guitar-driven record or a singer-songwriter record; We wanted it to be well-rounded and not have too much of any one thing, and I hope that's how it comes across."

King is currently on the road, and with Carolina Confessions out Oct. 5, King predicts "a lot of touring on the horizon" -- including his Marcus King Band Family Reunion Festival the weekend of release in Black Mountain, N.C. and a European tour during October. King is also hoping to record a live album, and he's happy to have more new material to make part of the shows.

"We don't like to play the same show every night," he says. "I feel like we would get tired of that, and we want to be as into it as possible. So it's certainly good to have as many tunes on the bench as possible to throw in there, and to have them out so people know 'em when we play 'em."

'Where I'm Headed' Live on Conan


The Marcus King Band made their late-night television debut last night on Conan O'Brien Presents: Team Coco. Check out their performance of "Where I'm Headed" off the new album, Carolina Confessions, out October 5 on Fantasy Records. Pre-Order now at

2018 Family Reunion Final Lineup Announced


Here it is, y'all! The final lineup for the Marcus King Band Family Reunion. We would like to welcome Chuck Leavell & Friends, Dumpstaphunk, Dynamo, Travers Brothership and April B & The Cool to family! We're very excited to have them on board and look forward to an amazing year 2 at Pisgah Brewing in Black Mountain, NC. Tickets and information available at

Rolling Stone: 10 Best Country and Americana Songs of the Week


Marcus King Band, “Welcome Round Here”
A brassy blues-rock epic, “Welcome Round Here” doubles down not only on Marcus King’s fretwork, but also the larger-than-life punch of his voice. He’s a Southern rocker in the classic sense, evoking memories of the soul-singing Greg Allman one minute and his guitar-god brother, Duane, the next. Produced by Dave Cobb at Nashville’s RCA Studio A, “Welcome Round Here” is one of two advance singles from King’s upcoming Carolina Confessions, which arrives October 5th.

See the full list at

The Marcus King Band Announce New Album Carolina Confessions


Produced by Dave Cobb
Out October 5th on Fantasy Records
Listen to Two New Tracks at NPR Music

The Marcus King Band have already given fans reason to believe they are destined for great things.  At 22 years of age, Marcus King has been a bandleader for a decade and tipped as “music’s next great guitarist” by the Washington Post.  But the band’s daring, ambitious new album, Carolina Confessions, marks an artistic leap of another order.  Set for release on October 5th, 2018 on Fantasy Records, the album was produced and mixed by Grammy Award-winner Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell) and recorded at Nashville’s iconic RCA Studio A.  And it finds the band’s trademark musicianship buoyed by a new narrative depth, as Marcus delves into heavy themes: absolution, guilt, leaving home, yearning, love and other affairs of the soul.

The band have shared two new tracks from the album via NPR Music. Listen to lead single “Homesick” and “Welcome ‘Round Here” plus read Marcus’ feature interview with World Café’s Bruce Warren HERE.

Pre-order Carolina Confessions at 

Carolina Confessions features 10 brand-new songs, all written by Marcus except for “How Long,” which was co-written with the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach and veteran songwriter Pat McLaughlin.  Whether it’s the searing rock exorcism of “Confessions” or the propulsive road-bound soul of “Where I’m Headed,” Marcus exhibits an almost Southern gothic sensibility in his songs, owning up to failed relationships, portraying his complex connection with his hometown, arraying a sprawling musical firmament in the process.

Marcus and his five bandmates — drummer Jack Ryan, bass player Stephen Campbell, trumpeter/trombonist Justin Johnson, sax player Dean Mitchell and keyboard player DeShawn “D’Vibes” Alexander — are in top form on Carolina Confessions, exhibiting an intuitive sense of control and expression as they tackle their most sonically layered and emotionally complex compositions to date.

The Marcus King Band Is Tenacious And Vulnerable On Two New Songs


via NPR

On Oct. 5, guitarist, singer and songwriter Marcus King releases the new Marcus King Band album Carolina Confessions. It will be almost two years to the day since he released his self-titled Fantasy Records debut, and since then, King has managed to create a place for himself amongst the company of guitar virtuosos like Derek Trucks and Gary Clark Jr. in the current rock music scene.

Produced and mixed by Grammy Award-winner Dave Cobb (Chris Stapleton, Sturgill Simpson, Jason Isbell) and recorded at Nashville's iconic RCA Studio A, King and his hot band dive into songs about love and various affairs of the heart and soul.

While his records have found their place on various blues music industry charts, to call King a blues guitarist is to diminish his incredible breadth. While the Greenville, S.C. native grew up on a steady diet of the blues, he imbues his songwriting and singing with plenty of soul, R&B and rock riffs. Fans of Southern rock and soul music might hear familiar touchstones like The Allman Brothers and Otis Redding in King's music. "Gregg Allman as a writer, musician and as a human being has always been and will always be a tremendous influence on the way I carry myself and approach music," King writes in a statement to World Cafe. "Duane Allman, Otis Redding, James Brown, are just a few other examples of musicians who spoke to me musically but also through their tenacious way of getting things done."

The 10 new songs on the album feature King's band, including drummer Jack Ryan, bass player Stephen Campbell, trumpeter/trombonist Justin Johnson, saxophone player Dean Mitchell and keyboard player DeShawn "D'Vibes" Alexander. All the songs were written by King except for "How Long," which was co-written with the Black Keys' Dan Auerbach and songwriter Pat McLaughlin. World Cafe premieres two of the 10 new songs here.

About the R&B flavored song "Homesick," King wrote that "Homesick is a feeling almost everyone can relate to. For me, I wrote it about the home I found in someone's heart. When I'm with her I feel at home. I wanted the song to carry the emotion the right way. The R&B approach came about organically, There was never really a question for me as to what feel the tune would have. It was born as a soul song.

"Welcome 'Round Here" starts with a dark, dirty, gritty and familiar sounding Southern blues rock riff, however it soon turns into a slamming and fiery horn and keyboard-driven blast of a jam, as King turns a psychedelic bridge into a searing and soaring guitar solo, long on dexterity and ferocity. The next time someone says to you that rock is dead, tell them to look no further than this King. "Carolina Confessions focuses a bit more on songwriting," King writes. "There were a lot of things I needed to say, to get off of my chest, a feeling of admitting wrongs I had done and also hurt I had felt. The concept is that songwriting and performing are my ways of confessing my sins and feeling a weight off my spirit."

This fall, King and his band will embark on a tour that will include The Marcus King Band Family Reunion Festival on Oct. 5-6 in Black Mountain, N.C. as well as dates both domestic and European that will last through December.