The Marcus King Band Family Reunion Announces Single Day Passes and Full Festival Lineup


The Two-Day Festival on Oct. 6 +7 at Pisgah Brewing in Black Mountain, NC Features Blackberry Smoke, David Shaw, Muddy Magnolias, George Porter Jr., Jaimoe's Jasssz Band, BIG Something and more

This October 6 & 7, The Marcus King Band and their family & friends will descend on Pisgah Brewing in Black Mountain, NC for the inaugural The Marcus King Band Family Reunion, a 2-day music festival featuring a lineup curated by King himself. 
The Festival has just announced that Friday night will feature sets from Blackberry Smoke, The Marcus King Band, Jaimoe's Jassz Band, Big Something, National Reserve and Gabriel Kelley. Saturday will feature performances by The Marcus King Band & Family, David Shaw, Muddy Magnolias, George Porter Jr., Ron Holloway Band, That's What's Up, Travers Brothership, Leah Blevins, and People's Blues of Richmond.
Single day passes have been released for the Friday, October 6th and Saturday, October 7th show dates. Single Day passes are General Admission only and will be $38.50 in advance with a price increase to $45 at the gate day-of show. 2-day passes for the event are still available at $67.50 in advance and $75 at the gate.

Talking Music With the Mighty Marcus King

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via WUOB

The incredibly young Marcus King has been playing blues music since he was a kid, largely with his father and fellow bluesman, Marvin King. It was at the age of 13 — when so many of his peers were going ga-ga over Twilight and the Jonas Brothers, that King began to find deep, spiritual solace in writing and performing music. Nine years later, and the budding bluesman has crafted two full length albums that are equal parts psychedelia, southern rock, and achingly sincere soul music; both of which were crafted with the help of none other than Warren Haynes of the Allman Brothers Band. 

Friday, September 8 the Marcus King Band will be performing at the Union, with doors opening at 9 p.m. Tickets are $10 to $18 and available now. 

WOUB’s Emly Votaw spoke with King about forming a bond with a legendary musician many years his senior, touring constantly throughout his teens and early twenties, and why it’s good to listen to Wu Tang Clan when you’ve got to get ready for a gig. 

WOUB: First of all, how did you establish a relationship with Warren Haynes?

Marcus King: Well, Warren and I had mutual friends in the Asheville, NC area that I was playing gigs with or writing with at the time, in 2014. They kept saying that they wanted to introduce “Warren” to my music, and I had no idea who it was they were referring to. It took me by surprise that they were talking about Warren Haynes – but it was a very pleasant surprise. From there, Warren and I really hit it off and started working together.

WOUB: What’s it like being a musician in their early 20s who is working with someone with decades of experience like that – and someone who respects your work so much?

MK: It’s always a learning experience when I hang out with people like Warren – Warren in particular doesn’t give direct advice, he never tells you ‘oh, do this,’ or ‘oh, don’t do that,’ – you learn from him by listening to the stories he tells. If you listen to him, if you’re paying attention, you can really take a lot away from what he is saying.

WOUB: I was curious what it’s like being such a young person who is always on the road, touring? Especially because so many of your peers are either in college or finishing up their degrees and probably settling into some semblance of a routine.

MK: It’s beautiful. I love it. I can’t sit still for too long, I tend to get a little ancy and a little stir crazy if I stay in one place for too long. I knew from a young age that this is what I wanted to do – I had no doubt in my mind that this was what I was going to do. I feel blessed that I knew what I wanted as opposed to some of my peers who were freaking out about starting college and about the expectations that society and their parents would have for them as students. I take what I do very seriously, and in that aspect the only person I think I had to answer to was myself. I think it was George Carlin who said that we have these 18-year-old kids who have to ask permission to go to the bathroom, and the next month they’re supposed to know what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

WOUB: When did you really find that conviction – know that this is what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

MK: I’d say that if there had to be a definitive moment it would have been when I was about 13 years old. It wasn’t like I said ‘this is what I am going to do,’ it was just something that was always understood. When I was 13 years old a very close friend of mine passed away and that is when I started writing – I realized that it is something that I have to do for my sanity, you know?

WOUB: I’ve seen you quoted talking about that; saying that playing and writing music is a very therapeutic experience for you. Has it always been that way?

MK: Yeah, I would say that at first it was inadvertent; I didn’t realize what was happening. But the older I got, the more self-aware I became – and there is something really pure about not realizing what a release that music can be. I wouldn’t say that music necessarily becomes contrived if you are aware of that, but it’s good to try and come back to that almost transcendental place to try and fully represent what your emotions are trying to say through the way that you’re playing or the way that you’re singing. It can be difficult if you can’t channel it properly, when you start to overthink things – that’s when it gets contrived.

WOUB: Would you say that your intense emotional response to music is more tethered to performing music or listening to music?

MK: I’d say a bit of both but certainly performing. But I listen to a lot of music, and that is always very therapeutic for me, too. Certain music can really dictate certain moods. Sometimes I really want to listen to this one artist I’ve really been digging on – Margaret Glaspy – and its just incredible stuff she does. Her album (Emotions and Math) can take me all kinds of places. But then sometimes I just want to put on some early Chicago and rage out – or some Gladys (Knight), some soul music. There are so many styles of music that I listen to. The band and I, oftentimes, before shows, we listen to Wu Tang Clan or Tupac Shakur or Biggie or Nas or just some J Dilla – we love that music because it is so incredible.

WOUB: That’s for sure! I don’t want to take up too much of your time, but I did want to ask if you had anything to say about coming to The Union here in Athens, OH. Ohio University students came back last week, and the place is just a-bustlin’!

MK: We’re really looking forward to it – we really love Ohio. This is our first time in Athens, and we’re really looking forward to meeting some new folks and having some good times, and we really appreciate you all having us.

New Year's Run Announced!

As Summer comes to an end and we head into the Fall we're starting to look ahead to what next year may bring. And with that comes New Year's Eve. We are very excited to share with you all that we will be celebrating the end of 2017 with two shows at the Gramercy Theatre in New York December 28 + 29 and then we will ring in 2018 at Baltimore Sound Stage.

Pre-sale tickets for all three shows will be available starting 10a EDT tomorrow at Tickets will go on sale Friday morning.

The Marcus King Band Family Reunion Tickets On Sale Now

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Good morning everyone! We are very excited to let you all know that tickets for The Marcus King Band Family Reunion are officially ON SALE NOW!

We'll catch ya'll October 6-7 at Pisagah Brewing Company in Black Mountain, NC with our friends Blackberry Smoke, David Shaw, Muddy Magnolias, Jaimoe's Jasssz Band, BIG Something, George Porter Jr., Ron Holloay Band, Brandon "Taz" Niederauer, Travers Brothership, That's What's Up, Leah Blevins, Gabriel Kelley and more!

The Marcus King Band Announces Inaugural Music Festival On October 6 & 7 at Pisgah Brewing in Black Mountain, NC

The Marcus King Band Announces Inaugural Music Festival On October 6 & 7 at Pisgah Brewing in Black Mountain, NC

The Marcus King Band Family Reunion To Feature Blackberry Smoke, David Shaw of The Revivalists, Muddy Magnolias, George Porter Jr., Jaimoe's Jasssz Band and more

Marcus King organizes family reunion festival in Black Mountain, NC

Marcus King organizes family reunion festival in Black Mountain, NC

at the beginning of 2017, with a full slate of shows ahead of his band, King thought, why not create a family reunion of his own? And that’s where the idea for The Marcus King Band Family Reunion Festival came from.

Marcus King Band Launches Music Festival

Marcus King Band Family Reunion comes to Black Mountain in October.

via Greenville Online

The past year has been a whirlwind of good news for Greenville’s Marcus King Band.

The blues-rockers released their critically acclaimed, self-titled sophomore album, produced by Gov’t Mule’s Warren Haynes, and they performed on CBS This Morning Saturday earlier this year.

King recently appeared on cover of Guitar Player magazine, featured as one of “10 Young Players Spreading the Gospel of Kick-Ass Guitar.” And this past weekend, the band performed at Colorado’s fabled Red Rocks Amphitheatre, part of a tribute to the late Gregg Allman.

And now the band members are ready to offer a big thank-you to their fans, at an October music festival in Black Mountain, North Carolina.

The inaugural Marcus King Band Family Reunion will be held Oct. 6-7 at Pisgah Brewing in Black Mountain. In addition to King and his band, the musical lineup will include Blackberry Smoke, Muddy Magnolias, Jaimoe’s Jasssz Band, David Shaw of the Revivalists, George Porter Jr. and more.

The full lineup will be released in the coming weeks, and the band hopes to make it an annual event.

As King described it in a recent phone interview, “it’s less of a show and more of a celebration of unity and solidarity, and brotherhood and sisterhood, and just family in general.”

Part of the proceeds from the event will benefit Cannabis Forward, a Greenville-based organization that seeks to raise awareness of the uses of medical marijuana, and Mental Health America of Greenville County, which promotes mental health advocacy and awareness.

King said the band chose Black Mountain as the location because the Black Mountain/Asheville area “has always been a second home for the band. They really took us in as their own, just as Greenville did. And we always felt a really strong connection with the folks at Pisgah Brewing Company. And we decided that that would be the best place to do it, as far as the vibe and energy was concerned.”

Because of the band’s extensive touring schedule, the members don’t get to spend as much time with family as they would like, King said.

“The whole idea of it is that we’re gone for most of the year, and when we get home, we miss a lot of family reunions, individually and collectively. So we are all coming together and making one big family reunion for the whole group to be a part of, so all of our families can come and celebrate with us,” King said.

The fall will be a busy season for the Marcus King Band. There’s an East Coast tour, followed by a European tour, then a stint on Buddy Guy’s Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise.

And in November, the band hits the studio again for its next album, which will likely be released next summer.

There’s no album title yet; King said naming an album is a bit like adopting a puppy.

“You have it for a couple of weeks, you live with it, you see how you feel about it, figure out its personality, and then you give it a name,” he said.

Tickets for the Marcus King Band Family Reunion start at $49.50 and go on sale Aug. 25. For more info, go to

The Marcus King Band Taps Warren Haynes For Allman Brothers Cover At Red Rocks

via Live for Live Music

The Marcus King Band made their Red Rocks debut on Saturday night, opening up for Gov’t Mule and Yonder Mountain String Band at the beloved Morrison, Colorado venue. It was the band’s first time playing the legendary stage together, though King himself joined Lettuce for Rage Rocks back in May. While still an extraordinarily young band, touring the country vigorously throughout the year, MKB’s performance at Red Rocks felt long-awaited. And boy, did they deliver!

Fellow collaborator and musical mentor Warren Haynes joined Marcus King Band during their opening set, for a ripping version of the Allman Brothers Band‘s “Dreams.” Of course, the two have collaborated before, with Haynes producing and playing on The Marcus King Band’s self-titled 2016 album. The ABB theme continued through Gov’t Mule’s headlining set, when King emerged to close the first set with “Whipping Post,” then returned again for an encore with members of Yonder Mountain String Band for the Mule debut of “Melissa.” The collaborators, which included YMSB’s Dave Johnston, Adam Aijala, Allie Kral, and Jake Joliff, jammed straight into “Mountain Jam,” before bringing “Melissa” to a fantastic reprise. In addition to the closing Allman Brother tunes, Mule performed “Come And Go Blues and included a “Les Brers In A Minor” tease earlier in the set–totaling five Allman covers in Mule’s set. The Marcus King Band’s opening “Dreams” truly set the tone for a fantastic night of heartfelt music from all three bands.